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 Travel Assistance International (TAI) is your best answer for all your travel insurance and security concerns.   Travel Assistance International (TAI) is the organization that offers travelers comprehensive travel services including emergency protection when they are away from home.  TAI is the oldest organization of its type in the United States. With TAI, travelers have immediate access to medical assistance, travel insurance, plus many other benefits and information, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year throughout the U.S. and anywhere in the world.  

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Travel Assistance International provides assistance, and benefits during emergencies, not just insurance. And TAI provides other benefits when you are not traveling.  TAI has expanded programs that now offer more insurance options than any other membership program.  Our insurance options have expanded to include higher medical limits, variable deductibles, and enhanced trip cancellation to include natural disasters, bankruptcy, terrorism, and other occurrences.  We now even have programs to include hazardous sports and programs for non US residents.  Members can now customize insurance programs to their specific needs on a per trip or annual basis.    Our exclusive travel information section provides travel security information, updates and travel information not found elsewhere.

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Annual and per Trip Travel Insurance

Review your primary insurance before you travel.

Our Annual Programs work great for frequent flyers anywhere in the world.     

Corporate and Group Programs Available

Find the Product that meets your needs


TAI Evacuation/Repatriation Program

Travel protection including evacuation, repatriation, and assistance 

Now available in all 50 States.

Per Trip and Annual Plans


Longer Term and Higher Option Travel Medical

Great travel medical programs from IMG.  These plans give you maximum flexiblity in coverage amounts, deductibles, co-pays and term length.

Available  for residents of all 50 states.   

Trip Insurance

Trip Insurance.  Five programs to choose from.  Available in all 50 states.  Covers any potential losses when traveling.

Global Medical Coverage

Global Medical Insurance (GMI) is a flexible, long-term, annually renewable, U.S.-style major medical insurance program designed for U.S. citizens living abroad, and non-U.S. citizens throughout the world.

Five plans are available.

Non US Resident Insurance

Multiple medical plans for non-US residents when traveling to the US or outside their home country.

Traveler Information

Travel Alerts & information

Travel Advisory

Internet links providing valuable travel information.

Travelers who have Medicare

Medicare provides no medical expense payments for individuals who are traveling outside of the United States.  In addition many medicare supplemental insurance policies have limits for medical expenses and many have no coverage for medical evacuations or repatriations.

Schengen Travel VISA

If you are traveling to one of the 26 Schengen Agreement countries, and are required to have Travel Health Insurance, we have several options.  These programs fulfill the Schengen visa requirements.  With these programs, upon enrollment, you will receive the confirmation that is required for proof of coverage.

Here is the website link for more information on Schengen requirements  https://www.schengenvisainfo.com

Schengen Insurance programs

Safe Travels Schengen Visa Insurance

Travel Planning

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